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Introduction To Mendo Maté® Wholesale Products

Welcome to the Mendo Maté wholesale division, we sell bulk wholesale organic yerba maté, organic coffee and EarthSEARCH ingredients. By opening an account you can find many tools and products to help you sell our products in your store. Our team has brought Mendo Maté® yerba maté brand products and raw EarthSEARCH® items all to the same place at great prices. All products are 100% organic with the highest standards in the industry. We only work with principal owners and farmers so there are no brokers or middle men involved with our products which in turn insures that your benefiting the producer directly with every purchase.

Mendo Maté brand retail ready products have full disclosure of product ingredients, nutritional facts, upc barcodes and a 66% msrp. We offer first time grocery buyers and coffee house owners free case incentives. Creating new tea drinking customers is very important to our energy based loose leaf teas. Our energy line with best selling products like the Adrenaline blend, Big Wave blend and the all new Power Chai offer you to break traditional ideas of what tea is all about. Yerba maté is a powerful stimulant that can be brewed in a Bunn coffee maker and served in airpots or served hot in a yerba maté latté.

Take your tea department to a new level and or discover something new for your customers by opening a wholesale account today.

Mendo Maté®
Wholesale Products

Retail Ready Product Lines

  • Organic Yerba Maté Energy Power Line.
  • Organic Super Chill Line .
  • Organic Teas.
  • Organic Energy Boost Extract Line.
  • Organic  Hand Roasted Coffee.
  • Organic Machine Roasted Coffee Line.
  • Coffee & Tea Accessories. More Info...

Retail Ready Products

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Our wholesale bulk organic yerba maté come's in 4oz. 8oz. 16oz. and 5lbs. loose leaf. We also carry tea bags. All of our brand yerba maté comes retail ready with upc bar codes and full product nutrient facts. Our wholesale products ship with free shipping on all orders over $100.00 usd. Our case quantity is 12. We ship nation wide and internationally. Our blends offer many flavors including chia, mint and even coconut.

Mendo Maté

EarthSEARCH® Products & Services

  • Private Label.
  • Production Line Development.
  • Custom Product and Service Creation.
  • International Trade Specialists.
  • New Product Exploration.
  • No-Machine Production Lines More Info...

EarthSEARCH® Raw Bulk Products

  • Bulk Raw Organic Yerba Maté.
  • Raw Organic Guayusa.
  • Bulk Raw Organic Dried Fruits.
  • Organic Seeds & Nuts.
  • Bulk Raw Organic Hand Roasted Coffee.
  • Bulk Machine Roasted Coffee.
  • Raw Bulk Organic Spices.
  • Bulk Wholesale Organic Teas.
  • Organic Organic Herbal Tea, Tisane or Ptisan.
  • Organic Extracts More Info...

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Wholesale yerba maté knowledgebase

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The wholesale division documentation manual is designed to allow anonymous and registered wholesale customers to view content that allows them to gain insight into Mendo Maté® brand products and services. This includs Mendo Maté EarthSEARCH® raw bulk ingredients. Mendo Maté® sells retail ready unsmoked yerba maté and organic coffee through our brand Mendo Maté®. We founded Mendo Maté® over 11 years ago in the small northern California town of Mendocino. Since our founding we have been focused on building Mendo Maté® as a energy tea brand. From the very start we focused on both marketing and product innovation to show our unsmoked organic yerba maté could energize a new crowd to drink this ancient stimulant. Our primary target market are young adults 18 to 34 both female and male living an active alternative lifestyle.

Mendo Maté® offers blends of organic yerba maté that are both loose leaf and in tea bag form. Because we focus on the energy aspect of yerba maté with an alternative activist driven lifestyle loose leaf blends are our best sellers. Our loose leaf blends come full of surprise's like chocolate chips, cinnamon quill chunks, shredded coconut, whole leaf red hibiscus and much more. We view are blends as something new to the same old scene in the grocery tea department. Some education can be required by your primary grocery buyers or department buyers on all the methods to make our loose leaf blends. In short all you need to tell your staff is think of our bends like you would ground coffee. Anyway you make a cup of coffee you can brew our loose leaf yerba maté blends. Whether it is the coffee pot or French press. The exciting thing is that consuming yerba maté is not limited to the same old coffee thing. You can also drink our loose leaf blends in the S. American traditional style we call Powering It®.

Included here are tools to build your own products from around the world. Our UPC barcode generator and product search tool are available to use at your own will.

Products come in forms from 8oz. 16oz. 5lb and 44lb. bags.



Call To Action

Plant A Tree: Mendo Matté® has committed to planting a tree for every bag that we sell online & wholesale. When you purchase a bag you plant a tree!

How: Its easy to plant trees with us! Shop for your favorite blend of Mendo Matté® and checkout. Then we send the email to plant another tree in Mendocino County!

Activism We Support

keep the northshore country free the al jazeera 3 stop fracking

Why take action: Because few things have ever changed without it. We care deeply about our environment and while we are not perfect we try to be the change we believe in.




Zero Waste Commitment

How so: The site you are on now runs the entire company of Mendo Matté® and our 3 divisions. We no longer use paper -or- have an office. We use hard disk storage instead of filing cabinets. None of our employees commute to work. We use a 3rd party distribution center. Most packaged products are made of biodegradable bags. We even try to use recycled boxes.

* Zero commuting waste.
* No office environment waste.
* Carbon offset distribution.
* Recycling on every level.