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Welcome to the Mendo Maté wholesale video media. Here you can watch and experience all aspects of Mendo Maté through various video means.

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This is a collection of audio sounds of matters that relate  to Mendo Maté including pronunciation, farming, cultivation, stores, customers and much more.

Tornado Bombilla 1 Case (Qty. 10) SHIPS FREE

Mendo Maté has developed this Glass Bombilla to provide the cleanest and stylish way to drink your favorite blend. The Pyrx Glass offers a clean and safe way to drink yerba mate in the traditional fashion. They provide the latest way to Power It!

Spring Bombilla Filter Straw 1 Case (Qty. 10) SHIPS FREE

This is the Mendo Maté surgical stainless steel bombilla with a solid spring filter on the bottom for easy cleaning. This bombilla is used to drink yerba maté the traditional way using a gourd and bombilla.

  • SHIPS 100% FREE.
  • Case Quanity 10.
  • Traditional Bombilla Design.
  • Spring Filtered.
  • 100% Stainless Steel.
  • Easy Cleaning.

Fuego Gourd 1 Case (Qty. 10) SHIPS FREE

The traditional yerba maté gourd is used to drink Mendo Maté® yerba maté blends with a bombilla. The gourd has acted as a cup in this unique relationship for 100s if not 1000s of years in South America's indigenous population.

The Traditional Fuego Gourd is hand cleaned and toasted for cool graphics. The gourd is the only way to truly expierience yerba maté.

Wholesale Retail Ready Coffee & Tea Product Accessories

This documentation is about wholesale product accessories for sale in the Mendo Maté Wholesale Division. Accessories are products that are used to prepare coffee and tea products of different types and origins. Coffee and tea is consumed in a verity of different ways around the world and we strive to provide an in-depth perspective about these products.

Wholesale Retail Ready Products

Our wholesale retail ready products are Mendo Maté® brand. Retail ready products have UPC codes and branding for grocery, cafe, vitamin and other retailers. Our products are 100% organic, good trade and family farm or coop direct. We carry organic loose leaf teas & tea bags, organic coffee (machine and hand-roast) and coffee and tea accessories. All our retail ready products are UPC compliant with GS1 Services meaning they can be scanned in Point of Purchase systems.

Wholesale Bulk EarthSEARCH Products

Bulk EarthSEARCH products are raw organic ingredients for processed products or stand alone items in themselves. All consumable raw products can be found in this EarthSEARCH documentation, including the EarthSEARCH private label service. All EarthSEARCH products and services are based of the Mendo Maté commitment to family farming and organics. The Mendo Maté brand standards can be viewed for more information.

EarthSEARCH® Services

Stainless Steel Spring Bombilla SHIPS FREE


Stainless Steel Spring Bombilla (Bomb-ee-a)
Traditional Bombilla Design, Spring Filtered, 100% Stainless Steel, Easy Cleaning.

Price: $23.98


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How so: The site you are on now runs the entire company of Mendo Matté® and our 3 divisions. We no longer use paper -or- have an office. We use hard disk storage instead of filing cabinets. None of our employees commute to work. We use a 3rd party distribution center. Most packaged products are made of biodegradable bags. We even try to use recycled boxes.

* Zero commuting waste.
* No office environment waste.
* Carbon offset distribution.
* Recycling on every level.