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Mendo Matté Wholesale Organic Unsmoked Yerba Matté & Organic Coffee's

Mendo Matté Wholesale organic yerba matté logo.Mendo Matté wholesale was founded over 15 years ago in the small northern California town of Mendocino. Our wholesale division has all your favorite original blends, flavors and bulk items both in retail ready and bulk commercial sku's. Mendo Matté markets namely organic unsmoked yerba matté loose leaf tea as a powerful energy solution to the hip heads among us. We pride ourselves on being unique in your tea department with over 9 elite loose leaf blends in our yerba matté energy line. Each blend offers a new way of drinking tea and allows your customers to experiment with blends and flavors. Our brand products are in about 190 wholesale accounts mostly coop's, independent grocers and health food stores in northern California. In addition the wholesale division has created a small business solution called Mendo Matté EarthEARCH® that offers small businesses access to 100% organic raw bulk products, spices, herbs, teas and coffee from all over the world.

Mendo Matté Wholesale Offers...

  • One Of A Kind Organic Yerba Matté Blends.
  • Organic Unsmoked Loose Leaf Yerba Matté.
  • Organic Unsmoked Yerba Matté Tea Bags.
  • Retail Ready Coffee & Tea Products.
  • Bulk Organic Commercial Products.
  • Raw Organic Ingredients.
  • 100% Product Guarantee.
  • Mendo Matté EarthSEARCH® Product Service.


Mendo Matté® Yerba

100% Organic Unsmoked Yerba Matté Tea Blends...

Home to the 1st. Organic Hand Roasted Coffee Line In The USA.
100% Organic Unsmoked Yerba Matté Tea & Much More...

Mendo Matte power it approved logo and brand seal.

Welcome to Mendo Matté organic coffee & tea, we sell products and services to promote vibrant interactive lifestyles. You can find new organic yerba matté blends, organic hand roasted coffees and all of our original classic organic yerba matté's including the Original, Big Wave & Adrenaline Blends. All of our products are 100% organic, good-trade & farm direct to ensure absolute quality. View our brand standards for more information about what it means to Mendo Matté Organic Coffee & Tea.

Mendo Matté certified organic yerba matté tea is USDA organic (USDA Seal of Authenticity) to be USDA certified organic yerba matté it must be 95% or more to be certified organic. Mendo Matté coffee & tea sells organic yerba matté, organic coffee and other organic teas via our online store The Bazaar, Café and Wholesale bulk private label divisions. The tea blends come in beneficial energy amounts like ½lb. 1lb. loose leaf or 3 gram tea bags. Mendo Matté brand yerba matté tea is un-smoked, tumble dried, traded fairly and kosher certified. The 100% certified organic yerba matté that Mendo Matté tea imports to California from Argentina has no additives, flavors enhancer's or preservatives. This tea is a perfect choice for individuals looking for healthy energy in the morning or afternoon. USDA certified organic yerba matté is rich in vitamins, minerals and caffeine that energize your body instead of saturating it with latent chemicals. Please take a moment to educate yourself about the tea benefits of this great plant native to South America.


Mendo Matté Bazaar®


The Mendo Matté Bazaar is your first stop for organic coffee and organic yerba matté in loose leaf and tea bag form. The bazaar has accessories, leather goods and great gift items. Many of the products are unique only to the Bazaar and are not offered to our wholesale customer. Discover a new gift for yourself or that special someone.

Buy Online In The Bazaar...

  • Organic Yerba Matté Energy Product Line.
  • Hand Roasted Coffee Line.
  • Traditional Roasted High Altitude Coffee.
  • Energy Stimulants Of All Kinds.
  • Coffee & Tea Accessories.
  • Unique One Of A Kind Gifts.
  • 100% Organic Products Only.
  • Good Trade Producer Direct Certified.


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Plant A Tree: Mendo Matté® has committed to planting a tree for every bag that we sell online & wholesale. When you purchase a bag you plant a tree!

How: Its easy to plant trees with us! Shop for your favorite blend of Mendo Matté® and checkout. Then we send the email to plant another tree in Mendocino County!

Activism We Support

keep the northshore country free the al jazeera 3 stop fracking

Why take action: Because few things have ever changed without it. We care deeply about our environment and while we are not perfect we try to be the change we believe in.




Zero Waste Commitment

How so: The site you are on now runs the entire company of Mendo Matté® and our 3 divisions. We no longer use paper -or- have an office. We use hard disk storage instead of filing cabinets. None of our employees commute to work. We use a 3rd party distribution center. Most packaged products are made of biodegradable bags. We even try to use recycled boxes.

* Zero commuting waste.
* No office environment waste.
* Carbon offset distribution.
* Recycling on every level.