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The terms laid out in this agreement explain the end users rights while on mendomate.com. User share adhere to the following terms, and by checking the said box you agree in full with the UCC of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

A. User may not at anytime confuse its role as a common law citizen living in the united states of america, and therefor maintains the right to his or her right to free speech. At no time does the provider, MENDO MATÉ, LLC. commit to the authority or jurisdiction to decide what or how the user can express thier idea of what free speech is. Thus forth mendomate.com under the authority of the UCC does reserve the right to cease user access and or service at anytime. This includes internet service provider address (IP Address) and other means available in an attempt to stop user abuse.

B. User may access mendomate.com at anytime within the time of any Earth day from any available access point via any available hardware said user sees fit to use. User agrees that mendomate.com does not gaurentee this access under threat from GOVERNMENT, INSTITUTION and or other entity that may threaten access at any time. 

C. User agrees to the terms of this agreement with mendomate.com and agrees and understand that these terms may and or shall change at any time with out prior notice.

D. User agrees and understand that service may cease and or stop at anytime because of any reason that MENDO MATÉ, LLC. sees fit with out any notice. E. User understands and agrees to follow their free will and creativity while on mendomate.com.

Call To Action

Plant A Tree: Mendo Matté® has committed to planting a tree for every bag that we sell online & wholesale. When you purchase a bag you plant a tree!

How: Its easy to plant trees with us! Shop for your favorite blend of Mendo Matté® and checkout. Then we send the email to plant another tree in Mendocino County!

Activism We Support

keep the northshore country free the al jazeera 3 stop fracking

Why take action: Because few things have ever changed without it. We care deeply about our environment and while we are not perfect we try to be the change we believe in.




Zero Waste Commitment

How so: The site you are on now runs the entire company of Mendo Matté® and our 3 divisions. We no longer use paper -or- have an office. We use hard disk storage instead of filing cabinets. None of our employees commute to work. We use a 3rd party distribution center. Most packaged products are made of biodegradable bags. We even try to use recycled boxes.

* Zero commuting waste.
* No office environment waste.
* Carbon offset distribution.
* Recycling on every level.